Wooden rice cooking pot moodarte

Wooden rice cooking pot

A modern wooden rice cooker with an electronic display to assist in cooking. Drawing from the extensive experience of Nakagawa Mokkugei workshop, known for crafting wooden utensils and pot lids, the designers set out to create an
eco-friendly rice cooking pot.

The Wooden rice cooking pot aimed to combine ecology, modernity, and cooking assistance, leading to the birth of Métis 04.

The pot is made of three elements: wood forms the outer part, embossed steel constitutes the interior, and an electronic display shows the temperature and cooking time.

The entire process can be controlled through a mobile app. The vessel operates on induction stovetops and is not suitable for gas burners due to logical reasons.

Wooden rice cooking pot moodarte
Wooden rice cooking pot site
Wooden rice cooking pot top view

Our product rating

  • Modern appearance
  • Cooking assistance
  • Environmentally friendly (recyclable)
  • Maintains temperature longer, wood and paper being good insulators
  • Only compatible with induction cookers


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