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Electric standing desk for spine health

Back pain affects many people today and has become one of the common health issues. The numbers are staggering – over 80 million individuals in the United States experience this nagging pain every year.

Prolonged sitting is often the culprit. Individuals who spend more than seven hours a day in a seated position have a 54% higher risk of experiencing back pain compared to those who sit for less than four hours a day.

Fortunately, there are various ways to reduce this risk, especially for individuals who primarily work in a seated position. One of them is utilizing an electric standing desk. These innovative solutions allow employees to smoothly transition from a sitting to a standing position, significantly relieving our spines.

In this article, we aim to explore how our posture during work impacts the health of our spine. We will also delve into research confirming the effectiveness of electric standing desks for spine health. Ready to discover methods that will help us take care of our backs while working?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2023, there were 101.7 million people employed in office-related occupations in the United States. This accounts for approximately 63% of all individuals employed in the private sector and 49% of the total workforce in the USA.

The most popular office-related occupations include:

  • Sales and retail sales workers (13.4 million people)
  • Administrative and financial specialists (12.7 million people)
  • Computer and information technology specialists (10.1 million people)
  • Business and management specialists (8.4 million people)
  • Education and training specialists (7.4 million people)
  • Stability: Sitting positions provide stability, which can be important for performing precise tasks.
  • Comfort: In a properly chosen chair, sitting positions can be comfortable and pleasant.
  • Unhealthy posture: Prolonged sitting can lead to improper posture, causing spine problems.
  • Sedentary lifestyle: Sitting for extended periods can contribute to a sedentary lifestyle, leading to various health issues such as being overweight or circulatory problems.
Electric standing desk - Sitting positions
  • Improved posture: Working in a standing position can help maintain correct posture as it naturally encourages the straightening of the spine.
  • Improved circulation: Standing can enhance blood circulation, reducing the risk of circulatory problems.
  • Improved circulation: Standing can enhance blood circulation, reducing the risk of circulatory problems.
  • Leg strain: Standing for extended periods can lead to feelings of leg fatigue and even foot and knee pain.
  • Increased spinal load: Without proper posture, working in a standing position can increase strain on the lumbar spine.
Electric standing desk - standing position

Since the increase in the number of people working in a sedentary manner, many doctors have conducted studies analyzing the impact of a sedentary lifestyle on the spine and related issues and pains.

Longitudinal study of sitting time and low back pain in adults

The researchers analyzed data from the NHANES study, which involved over 16,000 adults in the United States. The study revealed that individuals who sat for more than seven hours per day were 54% more likely to experience back pain compared to those who sat for less than four hours per day.

Source: NCBI GOV

Source: NCBI GOV

A randomized controlled trial of sit-stand workstations to prevent and treat low back pain in office workers

The researchers conducted a randomized controlled study involving over 100 office workers. The study showed that individuals who used adjustable desks were 50% less likely to experience back pain compared to those who used traditional desks.

Source 1: NCBI GOV

Is there a solution then that will allow for limiting the negative impact on the spine and, together with exercises, keep our backs in the best possible condition for old age?

Yes, many solutions can help reduce the negative impact of office work on the spine and maintain a healthy back for years:

  • Regular Exercise: Regular strengthening exercises for back and core muscles can improve posture and reduce back pain. Exercises such as planks, squats, fitness ball exercises, or yoga can be very effective.
  • Ergonomic Desk and Chair: Using an ergonomic chair and desk that can be adjusted to your needs can help maintain the correct posture.
  • Regular Breaks: It’s important to stand up and move around regularly, even if you work in a sitting position. Take a few minutes break every hour to move, stretch, and breathe fresh air.
  • Massage and Physiotherapy: Massages and physiotherapy can help relax tense muscles and alleviate back pain.
  • Corrective Physical Exercises: If you already have spinal problems, physiotherapists can recommend special corrective exercises that help improve posture and reduce pain.
  • Posture Monitor: Using a posture monitor can help you track your posture and remind you to maintain the correct posture while sitting.
  • Balanced Diet and Hydration: A healthy diet rich in calcium and vitamin D, along with proper hydration, impacts bone health, including the spine.
  • Avoid Prolonged Sitting: Try to avoid sitting in one position for too long. Movement is crucial for spinal health.

In this part, we will focus on electric standing desk for spine health

Based on BEFLO’s desk, we will analyze what the ideal desk should be for health and pain-free work. Let’s start with the features that an adjustable height desk should have.

Beflo - Office Innovation Desk
Electric standing desk for spine health - Beflo desks

How to Choose the Right Height-Adjustable Desk:

  • Height: Choose a desk that can be easily adjusted to the appropriate height, so your forearms are parallel to the floor, and your elbows are at a right angle. Ideally, the desk should have height adjustment memory.
  • Stability: Ensure the desk is stable and durable, even when set at different heights.
  • Surface: Select a desk with a sufficiently large surface area to accommodate a laptop, documents, and other necessary items.
  • Ergonomics: Check if the desk has rounded edges to prevent abrasions and if it has cable management features to help maintain a tidy workspace.

The BEFLO desk features electric height adjustment and comes with height memory. These features reduce the time needed to adjust your working position. The screen is touchscreen, minimalist, and user-friendly.

Electric standing desk for spine health - Beflo desks Height regulation

The desk has 4 thick and highly stable legs with height adjustment. The legs are made of metal. The desk has obtained all necessary quality certificates for use, hardness, and the quality of materials used, including natural wood and high-quality steel.

Electric standing desk for spine health - Beflo desks materials

The desk offers a spacious working area, making work more convenient. Comfort and productivity depend on the quality of the tools we use for specific tasks. This factor has the greatest impact on the quality of our work.

Electric standing desk for spine health - Beflo desks size

The desk features rounded corners for user safety. The wiring is hidden, and compartments and spaces for office tools have been added.

Electric standing desk for spine health - Beflo desks Ergonomics
Electric standing desk - standing position office dest BEFLO

An adjustable desk is the ideal solution for improving work and protecting our bodies, especially the spine. Working several hours a day at the computer exposes us to discomfort and back pain. We can minimize the pain with a simple solution like an electrically adjustable desk.

You can see this and other innovative desks from BEFLO by clicking here. Experience for yourself how comfortable it is to work using such tools.


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