Brutalism in Cyberpunk 2077 future dark architecture

Brutalism in Cyberpunk 2077 Future dark architecture

Brutalism in Cyberpunk 2077 future dark architecture. I believe most of my readers are familiar with one of the most popular games in recent years, Cyberpunk 2077. It’s an adaptation of Mike Pondsmith’s novel, set in a futuristic world filled with modified and enhanced humans. A world where corporations govern, and the social hierarchy depends on the connections one has, the money, and consequently, power. That’s why I will move on to the definition of the architectural movement, largely shaping the game.

Brutalism in Cyberpunk 2077 future dark architecture

Definition of brutalism

Brutalism is an architectural movement of late modernism that emerged in the late 1940s. It is characterized by the following features:

  • Expressive form that emphasizes the materials and structure of the building.
  • The use of unfinished concrete is the primary material of Brutalism.
  • Sharp, geometric shapes that often give an impression of rawness and monumentality.
  • Exposition of structural elements such as columns, beams, and installations.

Brutalism was often employed in public utility buildings such as schools, hospitals, and office complexes. It was also popular in religious and cultural architecture. In the game Cyberpunk 2077, brutalism is one of the dominant architectural styles. The game world is filled with raw, concrete buildings that often resemble gigantic sculptural forms.

Examples of brutalism in Cyberpunk 2077:

These examples illustrate how brutalism is utilized in Cyberpunk 2077 to create a dystopian atmosphere of the future. The raw, concrete buildings give the impression that the game’s world is a dark and brutal place.

1. Corpo Plaza, the central square of Night City, is surrounded by brutalist-style skyscrapers.

Corpo Plaza is the central square of Night City, surrounded by brutalist-style skyscrapers. This square is where the wealthiest and most powerful individuals in the city gather. The raw, concrete skyscrapers encircling the plaza symbolize the power and control that corporations exert over Night City.

Here are some additional details about Corpo Plaza:

  • The square is surrounded by four skyscrapers, each belonging to one of the four major corporations in Night City: Arasaka, Militech, Kang Tao, and Biotechnica.
  • At the center of the plaza, there is Memorial Park, dedicated to the victims of the Fourth Corporate War.
  • The plaza also features the Arasaka Corporation building, which is taller than all the other skyscrapers in the vicinity.
City Hall, the seat of Night City’s authorities, is a massive building with a raw concrete structure.

City Hall in Cyberpunk 2077 serves as the seat of power for Night City’s authorities. This immense structure, characterized by its raw concrete facade, dominates the city skyline. Inside, it houses the administrative heart of Night City, where crucial decisions shaping the city’s fate are made. The building’s brutalist architecture mirrors the uncompromising nature of the city’s politics and governance, portraying a world where power struggles are as prominent as the imposing concrete walls that surround it.

Brutalism in Cyberpunk 2077 future dark City Hall Arasaka
Brutalism in Cyberpunk 2077 future dark City Hall Street
2. Heywood District, a working-class neighborhood in Night City, is full of tight, concrete residential blocks.

Heywood is a working-class district in Night City, characterized by tight, concrete residential blocks with raw, geometric facades. It symbolizes poverty and social exclusion in Night City.

Brutalism in Cyberpunk 2077 future dark architecture 12
3. Trauma Team MedCenter

The headquarters of the Trauma Team is an impressive building with a raw, concrete structure. It is located in the Watson district, right in the heart of Night City. The building is divided into two parts: the office section and the medical facility.

The office section consists of tall, glass skyscrapers housing Trauma Team staff offices. The medical section is a vast hospital complex equipped with state-of-the-art medical devices.

Brutalism in Cyberpunk 2077 future dark Trauma Team MedCenter 1
Brutalism in Cyberpunk 2077 future dark Trauma Team MedCenter Entry

Comparison to the real world.


Comparison of two examples of brutalism from the world of Cyberpunk 2077 and the main streets of New York City.

  • No Windows
  • Monolithic Structure
  • No External Access
  • Vertical Grooves
  • Seat of Power
Brutalism in Cyberpunk 2077 future dark architecture arasaka

Source Wikipedia


A characteristic feature of residential buildings in Night City is their multifunctionality. They house apartments, restaurants, gyms, shooting ranges – you name it. Essentially, you can live in a building where everything you need is right there. Interestingly, these features find their parallels in the concepts of 15-minute cities. It’s a notion that allows obtaining essential amenities within a 15-minute radius of one’s residence. These are modern living spaces designed for maximum convenience.

Brutalism in Cyberpunk 2077 future dark MEGABUILDING nr 11
Habitat 67 Montreal vs Cyberpunk habitat vs Sao Paulo favelas

Częścto centrum w Cyberpunk 2077 zawiera wiele warst, w których poruszają się mieszkańcy miasta przysżłości. Warstwy są pomieszanymi strefami mieszkalnymi, użytkowymi, gastronomicznymi. Czesto zagęszczenie jest take duże, że światło słoneczne nie ma szans dotrzeć do najniższych poziomów.

BrutalismArchitecture Habitat 67 details
Brutalism in Cyberpunk 2077 future habitat
BrutalismArchitecture Habitat 67 details

Source El Pais

Summary Brutalism in Cyberpunk 2077 Future dark architecture article.

Is Brutalism in Cyberpunk 2077 Future Dark Architecture the ideal solution for future cities? Brutalism is characterized by its simplicity and quick execution. The absence of organic shapes in buildings significantly reduces construction costs. Sometimes irregular shapes decrease the usable space, conflicting with corporate fundamental principles. I believe brutalism represents a corporate style focusing on maximizing profit with minimal effort and material consumption, which might be crucial considering the possible depletion of resources in the future.

More about brutalism:

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